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I still love coffee and I am still here!
I have been working as the Manager at my cafe now since May and it is busy.
I still have conversations about coffee all the time and drink coffee and think about coffee related things and then say to myself “I need to blog about that” but then I am tired.
I know – How am I tried with all this coffee consumption, you may wonder, but it is possible!
So – In an effort to cling on to my last hopes that anyone still reads my blog or thinks I care about it at all I am making you a little round-up of coffee things I have been excited about lately.
Here we go…

1. Parlour coffee and their tumblr.  I love looking at the photos on there!

2. Two if By Seas new location in Halifax! And the new website, which you can view here!

3.My new tamper from Reg Barber, thanks to Anna, who I have mentioned here and here. THANKS ANNA!!!! I would really recommend to any Baristi to try out as many tamps as you can and see what you like!! I realized that I really prefer a flat bottom tamper as opposed to a c-flat tamper! Who knew! I haven’t really done any research into what is “better”, this is just my personal preference! I find it more comfortable for some reason and way easier to have a consistent tamp. It’s all the little things that count… (incase you are interested this is the one I have!)

4. The new Ritual Kaliluni Peaberry from Kenya! Holy cow! Today Dan and I went to Two If By Sea to enjoy a Birthday espresso or two (Yay! It’s my Birthday!) and Zane asked us to try some of this truly amazing coffee they just got in! It tastes like Red Raspberry leaf tea and Oolong and its super juicy and refreshing!!!!! Go try it!

Coffee & Me.

5. Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Analog Espresso that Emma (who is a Barista at the Smiling Goat!) gave me for my Birthday. Dan made us stove-top espresso with it this morning and it was delish and SO chocolaty (anything chocolate is good in my books). I also love the shout out to Baristi on the bag, ” Full-bodied and well-rounded, this blend produces consistently sweet and chocolaty espressos that are a joy for the barista to calibrate and integrate perfectly with milk”. Yeah!!!

In other news, I am thinking about making some changes around the blog (one of the reasons for the long absence…  I have been doing a lot of thinking!) so you can look out for that in hopefully the next couple weeks!! I am glad to be back and feeling extra excited about coffee!





On Saturday Dan and I went on a (over due) trip to Two if By Sea.
After talking to one of the Baristas there about the new espresso they are serving up, Ritual Roasters Coffee,  I knew it was time to go check it out!
Saturday was a beautiful day- crisp, sunny and perfectly fally. The ferry ride was beautiful and I worked on sewing in the ends on a cowl I just finished knitting.
Dan and I both ordered ‘Zane’s Macchiato Special”, which, incase you don’t know, consists of one shot of espresso and then a single macchiato to follow.
I really love that they have that on the menu there.
It was delish- I didn’t take photos or notes, but if you are an espresso lover I highly recommend going over and  checking out the Ritual they are serving up. I don’t believe that they are always pulling shots of Ritual as they still use the 49th parallel, but it’s worth checking!

I also picked up a bag of Ritual, La Folie Guatemala (nectarine, dried apple, berry juice) as recommended by Amir.

Here is a list of what I love about this coffee so far:
-The name
-The taste
-The package
-Their Story
-The Brew Guide on their website

So Good.

Dan made us homemade stove-top espresso”capps” (we use one of these stove top milk frother things we picked up at a kitchen store before either of us knew anything about coffee!) on Sunday morning, my first sip was so good. I automatically looked up at Dan and in my morning stupor (I am such a bad morning person and am so lucky to be married to a man who gets up and makes me coffee and breakfast in the mornings!) I said “this is really, really good coffee!”, Dan replied with “Yeah! These Capps are as good as some/many we have paid for!”. He was right. They were damn good! No bitterness at all, which I find can be really common in stove top espresso.

I also want to say welcome home to my good friend and fellow Barista Babe, Liz, who just got back from Camp Pull-A-Shot!

Yeah. She went to Barista Camp! In Santa Barbara! I am a bit jealous. Liz is feeling a bit under the weather right now, hopefully when she feels better she will give us a little update on here!

If you don’t know about Camp Pull-A-Shot you can read about it here.



Recently my bff Anna moved to Toronto. This was a pretty sad affair for me, as you can imagine.
But, now she works in a pretty rad cafe called Te Aro and sends me awesome things in the mail like delicious coffees.
Recently she sent me a 1/4 lb of a Colombian (roasted by Te-Aro) that is the Cup Of Excellence 2011 winner. It cost me $20.oo (I actually haven’t paid her back yet…. Hey! That’s what friends are for!) when all the shipping and handling from there to here was said and done. It’s kinda a lot of money for ANYONE to spend on coffee….But it’s good, really good! I tried it as a pour over and am planning to share the rest with Dan tomorrow morning in the French Press… the rest of it has been shared with my coffee loving co-workers!
I am including a little chart from Te Aro on the tasting notes, as they can say it all way more eloquently then I ever could…

"The coffee" (I felt like you needed to see how small the bag is!!!)

Here’s the thing though. For me there are tonnes of coffees that are at a normal price point that I can get right here in Halifax, and they  are great! I love drinking the single origins from Just Us! I LOVE all of the Phil & Sebastian from Two If By Sea,  I love grabbing a bag of  49th Parallel from Steve-O-Reno’s (also, Have you checked out there website recently?!), And that I can get Intelligentsia at the Smiling Goat. PLUS we have amazing coffee being roasted right here in our own back yards (pretty much) at places like Java Blend. So as nice as it is to have a little experiment with coffee so expensive that actually drinking it is kinda scary, it will definitely stay that way for me, an experiment (….’Cause it could get pretty addictive and expensive if I don’t give myself these rules right now)!
Thanks to Anna (and Te Aro) for making to possible for me to taste this amazing coffee!!




A couple nights ago I had to go back to work at Just Us! from 9 until late to prepare the store for the final reno’s (which are happening right now!). I normally don’t drink coffee at night unless I’ve just ate a really big meal or at a restaurant or something but Dan had tried the Phil & Sebastian that morning and told me I had to try it. Since I was going to be up late anyways it seemed like a good idea to indulge. So we decided to make some home-style cappuccinos using a stove top espresso maker and a manual milk frother. Anyways- they turned out so delicious. The coffee is truly wonderful with a lot of good things going on….. I am defiantly not the best person to describe the taste but will try to work out some kind of description and let you know!

Such a cute little mug!

Dan and I have a really great selection of hand made mugs which makes drinking anything better. You can see a couple of our favourites in these photos! These two were both made locally and are really, really beautiful.



Dan and I also had the chance to hit up Two if By Sea early Saturday morning when we were on our way out of Halifax for the night. We finally got to try some of there other croissants – other than the plain one. We grabbed a chocolate and an almond and we both enjoyed them a lot more than the plain one! They were a pretty yummy and decadent treat.

We have been having very good coffee times lately!!!



Dan (My Husband) and I took a little trip over to Dartmouth yesterday to hit up Two If By Sea. Dan had never been there before so it was time! Dan has been converted to drinking capps and machiatos exclusively now when we go out for coffee ( I am so proud of him!) and he is on coffee detail pretty much every morning at our place. He also has a awesome pallet due in part to him being an aspiring cook (Going to culinary school and working as a cook AND doing most of the cooking at home!), and can pick out a good shot of espresso vs. a bad shot of espresso and also just knows what he LIKES his coffee to taste like. So, I was curious to get his opinion on the coffee, food and ambiance at Two If By Sea. Dan really loved it. And we both loved our capps and we both love how it feels in there. I won’t lie though- I am not a fan of the croissants! They are just not for me- BUT I am not here to critique. This is just mine ( and Dans…) personal opinion. Anyways we had a great day, my Birthday was on Sunday so we just kept on celebrating – right on into Monday. It was super cold and brisk out so the cafe wasn’t very full- which is nice. One of my favourite things to do is go and get a coffee with Dan.

I also grabbed a bag of Phil & Sebastian Coffee I have yet to try but I am quite excited based on the packaging( I am a sucker for good packaging!) and a brief read of their website. We still have some 49th Parallel on the go that we have been enjoying every morning- It is the Organic Espresso and it has a mild taste when brewed with a french press, I enjoy it but it didn’t strike me as incredible right off the bat, I think I will try both in the siphon this week or stove top espresso and see how that tastes!

Also- The cafe I work at, Just Us! is undergoing a major expansion next week! We are getting incredible new equipment too! And the walls will be painted! And we will have a new counter! It is all very exciting and a long time coming! I will be sure to update you with all the beautiful details as soon as I can!!!