On Saturday Dan and I went on a (over due) trip to Two if By Sea.
After talking to one of the Baristas there about the new espresso they are serving up, Ritual Roasters Coffee,  I knew it was time to go check it out!
Saturday was a beautiful day- crisp, sunny and perfectly fally. The ferry ride was beautiful and I worked on sewing in the ends on a cowl I just finished knitting.
Dan and I both ordered ‘Zane’s Macchiato Special”, which, incase you don’t know, consists of one shot of espresso and then a single macchiato to follow.
I really love that they have that on the menu there.
It was delish- I didn’t take photos or notes, but if you are an espresso lover I highly recommend going over and  checking out the Ritual they are serving up. I don’t believe that they are always pulling shots of Ritual as they still use the 49th parallel, but it’s worth checking!

I also picked up a bag of Ritual, La Folie Guatemala (nectarine, dried apple, berry juice) as recommended by Amir.

Here is a list of what I love about this coffee so far:
-The name
-The taste
-The package
-Their Story
-The Brew Guide on their website

So Good.

Dan made us homemade stove-top espresso”capps” (we use one of these stove top milk frother things we picked up at a kitchen store before either of us knew anything about coffee!) on Sunday morning, my first sip was so good. I automatically looked up at Dan and in my morning stupor (I am such a bad morning person and am so lucky to be married to a man who gets up and makes me coffee and breakfast in the mornings!) I said “this is really, really good coffee!”, Dan replied with “Yeah! These Capps are as good as some/many we have paid for!”. He was right. They were damn good! No bitterness at all, which I find can be really common in stove top espresso.

I also want to say welcome home to my good friend and fellow Barista Babe, Liz, who just got back from Camp Pull-A-Shot!

Yeah. She went to Barista Camp! In Santa Barbara! I am a bit jealous. Liz is feeling a bit under the weather right now, hopefully when she feels better she will give us a little update on here!

If you don’t know about Camp Pull-A-Shot you can read about it here.