It’s Barista Babes Birthday!
Well – it was the blogs birthday a few weeks ago but I am just getting around to doing a ‘birthday’ post now!

I think this blog has taught me a lot this past year – as cheesy as that may seem.
When I thought about starting this blog it really just came to me and I was certain I wanted to give it a try.
In my life when I have an idea I know right from the get go if it’s a good one or not. Ideas usually come to me quickly, in a flash.
This is great, except that it usually means I am so excited about something in the beginning and  then that excitement usually fades.
I think that this did happen a little bit over here at Barista Babes, but a new year AND a first birthday (aww!) are a perfect time for fresh starts!

So – here is to another year of inspired and exciting blogging, a year of drinking good coffee, expanding my knowledge and vocabulary (and yours!) and always trying to be better at what I do.

To start off  I want to share a couple of links to my favourite posts from over the past year:

Loving what you do  (from last valentines day)

Babely Barista Interview, Marc Comeau (from last March)

I feel so lucky and happy to be involved in coffee and the coffee community in Halifax.
One of the reasons I started this blog was in an attempt to build a little more coffee culture in Halifax. I have no idea if Barista Babes did help in any way but I do know that my own sense of the community defiantly grew a lot.
Most Baristi want to chat about coffee, sometimes you just have to make the first step (something I learned big time this year).
As well most other people (non-baristi) are interested in learning and hearing about coffee if you are passionate and excited (something else I have experienced a lot).

I think as a Barista it’s all about little steps. It’s pretty much impossible to ‘convert’ a large vanilla latte drinker to a pour over drinker in a day. If you are willing to put in time and energy and share your passion with that customer or friend or parent you can make it happen ( or you can just buy them an aeropress and show them how amazing it is – like I did with my parents this Christmas!).

It’s the best feeling when someone tries a pour over or a shot of espresso for the first time and looks at you with that look in their eyes – they love it.

So, in honour of Barista Babes Birthday I am giving away a bag of coffee! You could be the lucky winner of a 12oz bag of Bolivian beans from 49th Parallel Coffee.

All you have to do is comment below and tell me what you love about coffee! Don’t forget to leave your email address so I can contact you!
I would like to say a huge thank you to Zane at Two if By Sea for providing this coffee!

Please note: this give away is only open to those of you living in Canada. I will be drawing a winner at random next Sunday, February 12th.

Cheers for now,