I’ll admit… I haven’t actually drank that much Java Blend coffee since  I have lived in Halifax. It mostly had to do with the fact that when we first moved here we lived in the South End and it was pretty much just a convenience thing, I hate to admit it. Now I live in the North End (Awesome!) and Java Blend is almost my next door neighbour. I still haven’t physically got there a lot more but they are defiantly way more on my radar and I have been indulging in Java Blend a bit more frequently than before. Tonight while perusing their website I can across something AWESOME (forgive me if I am, like, the last person in Halifax to know about this)!
Java Blend is now offering seasonal bike delivery of their  coffees (to certain parts of Halifax).  I love this. Not only do I think it is adorable, but I think it is SMART too! I love smart stuff. It’s sustainable, it’s good for the employees and it’s just…. Awesome!

If you want to know all about it you can find out here.
This just gives me one more reason to love Halifax!!!