Last week was a long week…
Thankfully on Friday Liz pulled the MOST amazing shot of espresso I have ever had the pleasure to have tasted.
She took one sip of it said “Wow!” with a look of shock on her face and immediately handed it to me.
It was perfect, the best shot I have tasted to date. The most amazing part to me was that when I smelled it, I smelled fresh and perfectly ripe blackberries, upon tasting It had amazing body and the taste of blackberries (perfect ones!) was there just like in the aroma and it was all… so … Perfect (Okay, Sorry I am clearly smitten by this shot of espresso and I am not very good at using my flavour-wheel words when I get excited!). I looked at Liz and probably said “Holy Shit! Liz! Did you taste that… It’s! It’s! Berries!!! Currents??? Blackberrys! Berries…. WOW! Thats BY FAR the best shot of espresso you have ever made. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. Holy Shit” ( and if thats not what I said, thats what I was thinking…).

I can’t stop thinking about it (I am sure Liz can’t either). Seriously it was good.

Different people have different takes on what a God Shot is, some have a very technical explanation some have a very simple one.
You can read about God Shots here at and here and lot’s of other places too!
I like to think that a God shot is something that is different for everyone and something that is going to be explained differently by everyone (…kinda like God), it’s personal.

The shot Liz pulled on Friday was, no doubt, a God Shot.

Looking forward to having some more tasty espresso in the future but this shot could be hard to top (it helps that it was made by one of my favourite Baristas too!)! I’d be really curious to hear about any of your experiences with really good shots of espresso you’ve had, tell me about it! In the meantime I’ll be over here dreaming…..

Cheers (& Happy Monday!),