We received our newest single origin coffees last week at Just Us!. We now have 4 in total, an Ethiopian Harar (delicious darker roast), a Peruvian called Twelve Apostles (named after the 12 farmers who work at the co-operative, its a medium-light roast), the two newer ones are Crocodile Island a medium roast whose beans are from East Timor, and the Sierra Nevada which is a Colombian and a lighter roast (which is also my new favourite)!

The new single origins.


The pour over area.

If you come in to try our single origin coffees they will be prepared via the pour over method, which I think is the easiest way to brew a seriously good cup of coffee. It can also be a really simple way to get into coffee more, even just your appreciation for coffee. I really recommend trying a pour over, If made correctly  I guarantee that it will taste so much better then regular drip coffee. And, you’ll love it!