I found something interesting today called The Coffee Experiment.
Basically it is the blog of a young woman who is travelling around the world, trying coffee everywhere she goes and writing about the ritual of it all.

Here is a little video about her experiment.

It really got me thinking, what are peoples connections to coffee all about? I talked about my relationship to coffee here, in my very first post but I realize it has changed a lot for me recently.
For me it begin’s with a connection I have with my family and coffee, moving on to my love of actually getting my hands covered in grinds, watching that espresso pour or that pour over drip, smelling an intoxicating smell and enjoying, so deeply, that first sip. It’s the fact that all my senses are involved while making and enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s those rituals (I have a few), that make it so special and the fact that everyone has them. Mine include- enjoying a press pot at home over a delicious breakfast (which is always lovingly made by Dan), another more common ritual is going into work and always making sure I have time to pour myself a cup of coffee when I get there and really savouring that first sip, starting my day right (or how awesome it feels when a co-worker makes your favourite drink for you first thing in the morning). And then there is going out to my favourite cafes, either alone, with my Love or with a good friend, having someone who loves what they are doing prepare you something they are proud of and then relaxing into your drink, being able to savour it. Then there is the ritual of making coffee for others which is a whole other thing unto itself, I don’t only mean making coffee at work, but at home or at a friends house to. The act of preparing something and giving it to someone else. Something you love. Something that connects us.

I’d love to hear what your relationship to coffee is like so please, feel free to leave me a comment!