I decided to stop in at The Smiling Goat Espresso Bar today while my laundry was going through the wash at the Laundromat.
It was a beautiful sunny day today and sitting in the window at the Smiling Goat seemed like an awesome thing to do while I waited the 25 minutes for my laundry.

I love the menu at Smiling goat, today I grabbed a photo of it so you can see it in all of its glory.

The Menu.

It’s so comprehensive and I love the featured drink section.
I was going to order a single Macchiato but upon seeing that the featured espresso I wanted to try was only pulled in double shots I decided to get a single Macchiato and a single espresso (this may be my new favourite thing to order). I tried the Ethiopia Ardi Natural which is a single origin that is provided to the Smiling Goat by Java Blend. It was great, a nice looking shot and an even nicer looking macchiato. I found the espresso to be a little to citrusy for my taste ( I find that a citrus flavour can really overwhelm the rest of the taste for me, I have never liked very citrusy coffee- from my first cup of Yirgacheffe, which I tried in my very first cupping, onward!). I really loved the Macc though, Smiling Goat always uses organic milk in there drinks and I personally think you can really taste a difference, I wish more shops around here had this option, it just tastes more whole and delicious to me!

Yummy Macchiato and Espresso in the sun.

I also grabbed a bag of the classic Intelligentsia Black Cat in an 8Oz bag- which I have decided is the cutest bag of coffee ever. So small and adorable.I am excited to try it at home! And to top it all off I had a really nice chat with the Barista at the Smiling Goat this afternoon, Hi Justin!

The little bag of Black Cat.

Last night I helped out with some training at Just Us! with my co-worker (and Barista extraordinaire) Liz. We got to sample some of the new single origin coffees that will be available at Just Us! in the upcoming weeks on both the siphon and the AeroPress. Then we watched this amazing video.