Mmm! It is really spring here, the sun has been out, the trees have leaves on them, the grass is green and it smells amazing outside. Anyways- I stopped in at Steve-O-Reno’s on Monday and had a cappuccino and THE BEST CUPCAKE EVER. I’m not joking. It was a banana cupcake with coconut icing. Seriously the best. You have to try one if you ever get the chance. Please, Steve-O-Reno baker, please make them again!
It was such a nice outing to Steve’s, My friend Marc ( who I have mentioned on here a few times before) was just finishing work and sat down with me , there was a sun shower out side (more like normal rain actually but I can pretend), I wrote a letter and read some of my book. At Steve-O-Renos they have been recently serving gimme! coffee, from New York, which is pretty delicious. I think I prefer it over the 49th Parallel they usually make the espresso with.

The best cup cake ever and a yummy capp.

I also snapped this super cute photo of the boys working that day. Another good reason to check out Steve-O-Renos, The Babely Baristas!

Alex, Marc and Dewa.