I have talked about my favourite coffee shop in Nelson BC, called Oso Negro, I had originally planned to do a big post on them but, I have to say when I was there 3 weeks ago it let me down! I still think the coffee is great but, to be honest, the specialty drinks are not being made how they should be. I tried to order a cappuccino , twice, and it was just…. not good ( wrong proportions, really dry, the barista was confused at what I ordered etc, etc,)! Regardless, I went there pretty much everyday I was in town and drank americanos. I also brought back bags of their coffee for myself and some friends AND I love the ambiance and the style of the cafe. It is beautiful, all wood and metal, with the best patio you you can imagine ( it is unexplainably amazing!), and they have awesome baked goods (seriously good muffins!)! If you are ever in Nelson it is well worth the stop, but if you are expecting traditional style drinks, that’s not what you will get ( If there are any die-hard Oso fans reading this… I am not trying to offend anyone- this is just my personal opinion).

BUT- A new cafe has opened up in Nelson called John Ward Fine Coffee, unfortunately  I didn’t stop in there till our last day in Nelson. My good friend Marnie ( who works there) was awesome and took some photos for me on her handy- dandy iphone so I could share them here (remember, our camera went dead on day 2 of our vaca and we had forgotten our changer!!!!). This coffee shop is located on a busy corner of Baker St., in Nelson, with a cute little patio that had adorable flower boxes all along the side. The ambiance inside is great with a kind of sleek mid century feel which I love! There is great art on the walls and cute mis matched chairs and tables, I loved the bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling- such a good look!

The light fixture in the top right corner of this photo was made by one of the staff!

The espresso wasn’t the best I have ever tasted ( they use Origins Coffee) but it was good and they have a small menu and know how to make each drink! Finally I got my capp that I had been waiting for my whole vacation in Nelson!!!!


 And a few more photos, the menu board with the cute little menu and the condiment stand which I will also describe as cute! All in all a great little new coffee shop that I encourage those who live in Nelson to check out! Another really awesome thing was that the 3 gals who were working that day were sisters ( their Mom opened the cafe)!!!!
Cheers!!! And thanks to Marnie for the photos!