Hello, hello!! I am back, I am back!!!

I must apologize for the long absence I have left you all with.
A few things have been happening lately… the first was that I went on vacation for two whole weeks with Dan. We went to the west coast and visited my brother and his partner in Nelson, BC and got to witness the birth of our newest nephew. Then we  went and spent some time in Vancouver visiting Dan’s brother and his partner. All my favourite things happened on this trip; We ate a lot of good food, found great coffee in both Nelson and Van, drank lots of wine, spent time with family and dear friends who are like family, I bought a pair of awesome shoes (that are kind of killing my feet….), and got to experience a lot of love upon meeting the newest addition to our fam (I am a big fan of love)!
But, we forgot to bring our camera battery changer with us and got about 1 photo of our whole trip. It’s pretty sad actually. I did get my amazing friend Marnie to snap some photos of my new fave coffee spot in Nelson which I will be featuring on here later today…. And we also brought back lots of coffee to drink!!!! Below is some post trip photo proof ( I also decided it’s time to show my face on here)!

JJ Bean, Oso Negro, Intelligentsia!

The other exciting thing that happened recently, in my work life, is that I got a promotion! I moved to the Barrington location of Just Us! and I am the Assistant Team Lead, which has been great so far and is keeping me busy!

So here I am, back and with lots of posts up my sleeves, and I am feeling more and more inspired everyday! We are having a barista jam tonight at Just us! and I promise to remember to take my camera and snap some photos to share!


PS One other awesome thing that happened on our trip- we converted Dan’s bro to be a macchiato drinker!!!!!!