I just read about these little babies, 33 Cups of Coffee, over at cleanhotdry, a great coffee blog (that you should check out!)!
Basically 33 Cups of Coffee is a coffee journal, a way to log the last 33 cups of coffee you drank, without just scribbling notes on an old tea bag and shoving it in your pocket. Only later to find it totally unreadable. Everything is laid out for you you and the book is super cute too, which is always a bonus.


You can learn  more here.

I am also going on a trip to the west coast next month, with Dan, to visit some family and I have already begun to plan which coffee shops I am going to check out. The list includes JJ Bean, Cafe Kafka’s Coffee and Tea, Crema, Elysian and a few others… Who know how many I will be able to make it too but I am really looking forward to seeing at least a few of them! Does anyone else have any suggestions? Know of any secret, amazing coffee shops in Vancouver? Let me know!


PS You can also find cheese, wine and beer journals on 33’s website- here! Amazing!!!