Dan and I decided to go check out The Trident (1256 Hollis St) this past week, which is a cafe, bookstore and they roast their own beans! We ordered double capps, which in my opinion were too large to be a cappuccino. But I like ordering and just seeing what I get, they tasted great but I powered though mine, probably just because of the milk content. I find the milkier a drink, the less you can really taste the espresso the faster you are going to drink it and not savour the tastes as much (as there isn’t as much too taste!). There is something much more romantic about just enjoying this small cup of espresso and perfectly steamed milk. All in all though The Trident is fine and what better to do with your afternoon than drink coffee and browse a great supply of books!? Dan and I both left with a book under our arms.

While there I also realized…. “Wow I need to be taking photos of the people who are making my coffee since this blog is about/for them!”, So I did!

The Trident Barista

This guys name is Shakeel and He was shy to get his photo taken, but I was shy to ask to take it, but I convinced him. He was super stylish and said he really likes his job a lot. He told me to come back and take photos of the gals who work there- he told me they are super babely!  I think deep down inside people are, for the most part, flattered to get their photos taken!! And it is a good little challenge for me to talk to strangers!

Right now The Trident roasts 8 differant coffee blends that you can buy in store, I forgot to grab a bag when I was there but I will grab one sometime soon and let you know how it is, they also carry 56 types of tea!!!



PS The title of this post, The Senseless Pursuit of Excellence, is the ‘moto’ of the Trident, that you can see in the front window on stained glass.