It’s feeling really springy here. The sun is amazing and It was warm enough to wear a jean jacket yesterday – although it was raining on my walk home from work so I got pretty wet – I had my HUGE cowl on to keep me warm though!!
Today after work I got a burst of energy – inspired my the sun I am sure, and asked Dan to come meet me so we could go out for coffee at Steve-O-Renos and enjoy a little walk together.
We both got capps as usual and shared an awesome Lemon-Poppy-Seed-Zuchini- Cake with Cream-cheese-coconut-icing!!!!!!!! Amazing!! All the baked goods at Steves are really good and they bake them in-house which is always a bonus in my opinion!


We are drinking a Medium-Light roast from Just Us! at home right now. It is called Twelve Apostles and is a single origin coffee bean from Casil Cooperative in San Ignacio, Peru. It is really delicious! Single Origin means that all the beans came from the same place ( a single farm, co-operative or geographic location), Micro-lots are also referred to as single origins – but are usually more specific (Wikipedia says “…from a single field on a farm, a small range of altitude, and specific day of harvest). Single origin coffees can be described as having a more specific  taste and I recommend brewing them in a more specific manner than just an electric brewer. At home we use a press pot (which we love) but at work I will often drink the Twelve Apostles by the pour over method which is even better as you can control all your variables easier. If you have never had a pour over I recommend trying it. The easiest way to describe the taste of pour over is ‘clean’. Just Us! serves pour over as does Two If By Sea  (I am not sure about any of the other cafes in Halifax), if you want to try it out yourself  at home there are good directions found here.



PS Check back tomorrow for an exciting post I have lined up for you!