I apologize for the quietness around here the last week.

All the renovations are done at Just Us! and it has taken all week to get back in the swing of things. The behind the counter set up is all new and it felt like starting a new job with all the same co-workers, we ran into each other a lot and still haven’t found a few important things like our gift cards ( where are they? Nobody knows!). It has been more disorienting that I had even imagined. Hopefully I will snap some photos of the new set up soon- but it is the last thing on my mind when I am at work! We also had some friends visit all weekend which kept me really busy and now it’s March believe it or not!! I feel a new burst of energy that is probably due to the feeling of spring that is in the air!

Anyways, rest assured, I have some really delightful posts lined up that I will be featuring in the next few days, featuring some seriously babely baristas!

Also- If you happen to be a Barista reading Barista Babes, please comment and tell me where you are reading from! I am looking for Barista Babes all over the place to feature on here!

Cheers and I’ll be back soon!


PS I think that little chart above is adorable!