Tonight my co-worker Anna and I decided to go try Smiling Goat Organic Espresso bar here in Halifax.


We were having a giggle fest in a state of fatigue after a long day at work (where we were getting used to our new surroundings, which I talked a it a bit about in my last post). Somewhere along the line we decided drinking more coffee was a good idea…. hmmm ( a few hours later and I have crashed hard and plan to eat hard boiled eggs and watch Flashdance!). Neither Anna and I had been there before so it seemed like it would be a good outing.

At the Smiling Goat you can choose between a few different options for what kind of espresso you want your drink to be made out of- which is a pretty cool idea, we both tried the Black Cat Classic from Intelligentsia because neither of us had tried any Intelligentsia before either. They use organic milk as there standard which I love, and obviously all of the coffee is also organic as well as all (most?) being fair trade. Which are also really important factors to me when selecting a place to grab a coffee. They also had ‘featured drinks’ which included a Flat White and a Cafe Romano (espresso with lemon zest) among a few others, I thought this was a cool idea and would defiantly encourage people to try something new and delicious.

So Anna and I both got a double capp made with the Black Cat Classic beans!

They were great, really yummy, the espresso was awesome (Anna said it tasted really nutty to her, which sent us into more fits of laughter) and they looked pretty. The only thing that stopped me from loving these babes was the $5.05 price tag. To me that is way to expensive for a Cappuccino, what barista can ever afford that (ha ha ha)?! Seriously- it was a treat and something I probably won’t be drinking again anytime soon based on price alone, but I still really do recommend Smiling Goat Espresso Bar for a treat.



PS Read about what the name ‘Smiling Goat’ is all about here.