The reno’s are finally (almost) finished at Just Us!. It has defiantly been a stressful few days… weeks even!  Today was our first day working in the new space and it was really quite disorienting. We did the best we could!

We do have some really great new equipment though. Mainly the Simonelli Aurelia espresso machine. We received 3 (THREE!!!!!) , 3 group head machines for our cafe. We have 2 upstairs and one in our training space in the basement. They are beauts! You can see them here. I only pulled a few shots on the Aurelia today and made a few drinks but it was amazing. We have been in a state of turbulence with our espresso machines ( they just kept falling apart!!!!! ) for literally months so this new equipment is so welcome- and we will all be treating this new stuff with a lot of respect.

I am also really excited that our new espresso machine came with a blind (or naked) portafilter. Which looks like this:

As well as your standard normal portafilter. Which looks like this:


I got really excited about having the option to use either portafilter…. There is just something so much more beautiful about the naked portafilter. If you ever notice a Barista using one ask if you can watch your shot pour!!!! Magic!!! Or- If you haven’t had the chance to use one- find one and be mesmerized! Also- check out the flicker where the above to photos came from for some more awesome coffee related shots!!

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things at work and make some kick ass espresso for everyone!!!!