I love working with coffee.

I love thinking about the process of how it is grown and prepared- before it even gets to the roaster, and really wish to see the process one day.
I love that there is an art to roasting the beans- and plan to learn more about this.
But what I really love is making coffee for someone.
Dosing your grids, getting grinds on your hands, hand tamping, making sure its all done right, having flow when you’re making drinks, pulling that shot, watching it pour- making sure it’s perfect. Taking an extra moment to just watch it pour into a cup (seriously it can be mesmerizing!) and to actually have a moment with that shot of espresso. And then your milk….. It’s a whole other things. But when it all comes together perfectly and it looks beautiful it is so satisfying! And then someone tells you it’s a beautiful drink and you know its true. And you know part of the reason it is so beautiful is because you loved making it. I know this may all sound silly- like I am talking about someone and not something but its true. Loving what you do is so important and when you love what you do love comes back to you.
I was just having this conversation with a couple co-workers the other day. We were out for Sushi and talking about how sometimes we feel silly being adults who have degrees or are married or  do other ‘grown-up things’ and we still choose to work in a cafe. But it really doesn’t matter if someone thinks it is silly or feels bad for us (“Oh! Poor Ceilidh- Stuck working in a cafe! She must hate it here….”) because we love it.

Working in a cafe can be HARD work. You are dealing with customers, in a tight space, working quickly with many team members, dealing with a lot of things at once. It is loud, it is stupidly hot in the summer, the floors get slippery, customers get annoyed with you and with each other, you drink too much coffee and not enough water (and then you eat chocolate), you’re calling out that forgotten drink over and over again, you’re running up and down stairs, you are listening to someone tell you why they love your coffee so much and trying to have a real conversation with them,your milk and chai syrup and drip coffee and cups all run out at once and during a rush, the debit machine goes down…….. and then you wake up and do it again. Your back hurts, your feet hurt.

But I love making a beautiful cup of coffee.
And I love my co-workers and even through all those things mentioned above you still laugh and listen to really good music and find time to dance and make jokes and high five each other and make up silly drink names and slap each others bums and say really nice genuine things to each other and take a moment to enjoy a sip of coffee. Really enjoy it- savour it even. And even when you want to cry because you’re so tired these things make it so worth it.

When you love what you do you’re happy. And when you are happy and loving what you are doing has a quality to it that can not be put into words.