Dan (My Husband) and I took a little trip over to Dartmouth yesterday to hit up Two If By Sea. Dan had never been there before so it was time! Dan has been converted to drinking capps and machiatos exclusively now when we go out for coffee ( I am so proud of him!) and he is on coffee detail pretty much every morning at our place. He also has a awesome pallet due in part to him being an aspiring cook (Going to culinary school and working as a cook AND doing most of the cooking at home!), and can pick out a good shot of espresso vs. a bad shot of espresso and also just knows what he LIKES his coffee to taste like. So, I was curious to get his opinion on the coffee, food and ambiance at Two If By Sea. Dan really loved it. And we both loved our capps and we both love how it feels in there. I won’t lie though- I am not a fan of the croissants! They are just not for me- BUT I am not here to critique. This is just mine ( and Dans…) personal opinion. Anyways we had a great day, my Birthday was on Sunday so we just kept on celebrating – right on into Monday. It was super cold and brisk out so the cafe wasn’t very full- which is nice. One of my favourite things to do is go and get a coffee with Dan.

I also grabbed a bag of Phil & Sebastian Coffee I have yet to try but I am quite excited based on the packaging( I am a sucker for good packaging!) and a brief read of their website. We still have some 49th Parallel on the go that we have been enjoying every morning- It is the Organic Espresso and it has a mild taste when brewed with a french press, I enjoy it but it didn’t strike me as incredible right off the bat, I think I will try both in the siphon this week or stove top espresso and see how that tastes!

Also- The cafe I work at, Just Us! is undergoing a major expansion next week! We are getting incredible new equipment too! And the walls will be painted! And we will have a new counter! It is all very exciting and a long time coming! I will be sure to update you with all the beautiful details as soon as I can!!!