http://www.sandrajuto.blogspot.com, one of my favourite blogs, Sandra is often going for Fika, a Swedish word that roughly means 'coffee break'.


I started working with coffee almost a year ago. Really, not very long ago. But, my love for coffee developed quite a while before I actually started making it for other people and getting paid to do so.

I am from rural Nova Scotia- a small town with a Robins Donuts being the hot spot for picking up your morning cup of coffee. My family -from the beginning- was an exception to this small town mindset. My parents have always loved coffee- I can remember , from a very young age, waking up to the sound of coffee being freshly ground or the smell of coffee brewing either in a press pot, stove top espresso or your good old electric coffee maker. My parents have also always drank ‘good coffee’ – one story my parents have told me is that my dad had actually driven for an hour in a snow storm to purchase their blend of choice. They still to this day always make a special stop to get there 5 LB bag of french roast from Java Blend here in halifax when they are in the city ( a 2 hour drive from my home town).

The first thing I assoicate with coffee is my family- and my family is my number one love in my life – coffee comes in at a close second place and this association is part of the reason why.

I remember the first time I went into a coffee shop to grab a coffee- It was a soy latte (something don’t drink now) in the little mountain town of Nelson, BC, at my (still) favourite cafe of Oso Negro, a memory ingrained into me. A little more than 3 years later and I was hired at Bridgehead in Ottawa, ON, the Bank st. and Gilmour st. location as a Braista- a job that I had always admired and didn’t think I could do.

My training was incredible- intensive, one on one with 1 amazing coffee expert and one amazing Barista. I quickly fell in love with coffee and all the processes involved in creating the ‘perfect cup’. Unfortunatly I only worked at Bridgehead for a few months before moving to Nova Scotia- upon arriving in my home province I knew I would work at a cafe in my new city of Halifax. I was quickly hired at Just Us! cafe, on Spring Garden road and quickly fell in love (again) with my job.

I am not claiming to be an amazing Barista or to know everything about coffee, the industry or even my own place of employment. Honestly- I feel like I am just busting into an incredible world of coffee. Learning more all the time and, I simply have a huge love for coffee and would love to bring about a better sense of coffee culture here on the east coast.

All the Baristi I know are total babes (hence the name of this blog) and I hope that is blog becomes a community for not only the babely baristi I know but also any person who loves coffee and wants to know more!!!